Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Well how many of you are excited for school?

I am counting down to next friday because it's the first day of school,butterflies in my stomach i don't even know why but I have a feeling every one of my classmate would look different after not seeing them for a long time. I think i am not ready for school because of the school works,project and what's more,i'm just really scared i am too slow to catch up with the secondary 2 work.

But the hassle you are worrying or going through right now is probably your holiday homework if you haven't even started. Good luck on that guys,well i already have a feeling most of my classmates did't even bothered about the homework or they already lost them. This is why the first day of school is always a disaster,why?
here are some eg.
- you overslept
- last minute packing and can't find your holiday homework
- worst, can't find your pencil case (wow)
- missed the bus and waited and end up late for school
- too nervous and wore two different leveled socks
- you haven't ironed your uniform (that's really bad)

Well it may happen so whatever happens,it's always better to make sure you pack your stuffs everything before school and also wake up early so you wouldn't be late and miss the bus,everything would be just right:-)

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