Friday, 5 December 2014


So hey guys,

Today i'll be talking about how i was addicted to chocolates and stuffs.
Well i don't remember eating a lot of chocolates when i was younger because i was pretty much into sweets back then. 

But one day, suddenly i had a craving for chocolates so i walked to the nearest place to get one,which was 7/11. There was a lot of varieties of chocolates like eg. hersheys, m&m... but the one that caught my eyes were the cadbury chocolate wahaha. Soon,i was addicted to cadbury chocolate. My mum started nagging saying that eating too much of chocolates can cause diebetes,so i heed her advice and started to not consume too much of chocolates and i was also cautious about this because chocolates may hurt my throat and may affect my singing. 

So put your comments down below and share what kinda chocolates you guys love to eat.

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